How Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc. came about
By Sabine Couture


Property in 2011

When it was time to decide what we should talk about in our first article it was clear that we needed to start at the beginning.

Patrick retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2008 after 28 years of service. He signed up for the Photonics Engineering Technologist course at Algonquin College and completed the program in early 2011. He was looking for part-time employment in the field, but the companies were only hiring full-time. The only way he could get part-time work meant we would have to move to Toronto. That was not an option for us. Patrick decided to take a break. After 2 month at home he was bored and I suggested that he should build pet urns. When he researched urns on the Internet he noticed that there were quite a few available. That led him to researching which pet aftercare provider in Ottawa would be willing to buy locally produced pet urns. He was surprised to find out that there were no pet aftercare service providers located in Ottawa. He felt that pet owners should not have to send their long-time companions to aftercare service providers as far away as Guelph.

Proper research allowed Patrick to narrow down his property search parameters and he found the current property in Woodlawn which we purchased at the end of summer 2011. Luckily the property was already properly zoned for our intended use.

We decided early on to have a cemetery and a crematory co-located on the property. He worked hard the rest of summer and fall to clear the property of brush and trees. After long consultations with the City of Ottawa we finally received the proper building permit at the end of 2012. We decided to start building in spring of 2013 to eliminate extra cost associated with winter construction.
Patrick managed to build 75% of the building with tremendous help from his Dad and our sons.

The cremator arrived in August and we finally opened our doors on November 18, 2013.

In the next installment we will talk a little more about the challenges we faced and what we learned along the way.

Stay tuned.


Property in 2015

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