Chiropractic Care for Animals

The goals of chiropractic care for animals are no different than the goals of chiropractic care for humans. We have to address the intimate relationship between the spinal column, its muscles, and the nervous system which controls all other systems. When assessing a dog, we look for symmetrical movement and how this relationship relates to the maintenance of overall health, function and performance. As you know, dogs cannot verbally tell you how, why, or where something hurts. It is the job of the animal chiropractor to find these areas of dysfunction to allow the animal to get back to full function. Older dogs are prone to joint problems, loss of muscle tone and size, decreased flexibility, and the aches and pains of an aging body. Dogs involved in athletic events — especially strenuous sports like flyball and agility — put a lot of stress on their bodies during competition, often resulting in decreased performance. Some common things to look for in your dogs can be:

-Not moving well or at an optimal level

-Neck, back, leg, tail pain or stiffness

-Muscle tenderness, asymmetry, top-line tenderness

-Nerve problems or irritation

-Injuries from slips, falls, rough play, or animal sport

Animal chiropractic DOES NOT replace traditional veterinary medicine or surgery but provides an integrative method of care. Often, veterinarians and animal chiropractors work together to best serve the needs of the animal.

Any questions can be sent to Dr. Craig Deprez at drcraigdeprez@gmail.com

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