For anyone out there considering Resting Paws as an option for a final resting place for your pet, I can very sincerely recommend the services provided by Patrick and Sabine Couture, owners of Resting Paws. When the eldest of my two beautiful cats left this life coming up to four years ago, the stress was so great – I didn’t know what to do for the best for her. A friend recommended Resting Paws. I called them, and after speaking to Sabine, I felt that this was the ‘right’ choice. She understood where I was ‘at’ and was a tremendous help and comfort. The incredible pain of losing a pet is something both Sabine and Patrick embrace. They are professional, yet compassionate – walking you through the details of how to proceed, yet remaining very connected to what you are going through. And so, when my second cat, a centurion, left me a few months ago just before reaching the age of 21, I had no doubt as to who to contact to make arrangements for her final resting place. Sabine and Patrick provide a rather unique service for pet owners in the capital region. I highly recommend them and Resting Paws.

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