Wow Where do i even begin with Resting Paws and their customer service?

The day I made my first call here, I was feeling nervous and anxious. Losing a furry friend is something that leaves so much sadness and emptiness behind

so planning the rest of what happens next was extremely difficult. I found this place online and it was the one that first stood out to me. I finally made the phone call and Sabine answered the phone. As soon as I started talking, I couldn’t help but burst into tears but Sabine spoke to me as if she had known me for years-giving me both words of encouragement and comfort.

Throughout the whole process Sabine and Patrick were very helpful and informative. They always kept close contact with me making sure that I knew exactly what I needed to. Meeting them in person proved even more how gentle and friendly they are to their customers.

I want to tell everyone that the way I was treated, and the way my little one was handled, was something I will never forget. Thank you Sabine and Patrick for your kindness during that difficult time! Thank you Resting Paws for playing a part in our little ones crossover to the Rainbow bridge. Thank you for doing all that you do with great care and with the greatest respect.


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