Wow, what an exceptional service which I highly recommend to all those who have unfortunately lost their beloved pet. Patrick & Sabine are so great to work with and kept me apprised of the entire process. The communication was great and the staff at Resting Paws are very professional. The compassion that Patrick & Sabine show towards the loss of your pet is incredible. I have dealt with several different cremation companies over the years (I also work at a Vet Clinic) and I must say they are by far one of the best! They understand client relations and do everything they can to make sure that my wishes were met when returning my animal’s ashes to me! You can tell it is a non-corporate business mindset where they are not there for the money but are there for the people and providing them with great aftercare service to their animals who have passed. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and the urns/pendants are beautiful! Highly recommend, thank you so much!

 Val-des-Monts, Quebec

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