Patrick and Sabine have created a wonderful place where you can say goodbye to your pet knowing they will rest in a meadow surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature. I chose cremation for my cats and Patrick performed his duties with great professionalism and integrity, while showing me lots of warmth and understanding for my sadness. His genuine compassion made it a little bit easier to go through the process of saying goodbye to my pets who were with me for over 16 years.
I never met with Sabine, only talked to her over the phone when another cat of mine died a year ago. Again, I could distinctly feel the empathy for me while I was making arrangements for the cremation. With all my cats I wanted to be with them until the end. I appreciate the fact that it is possible to do so at Resting Paws. I never felt I was “in the way”. When business is run as honestly as this one, transparency is possible.
Thank you to Sabine and Patrick for the wonderful and needed service.
Beata Kotowicz with my cats Mopsia, Szaruś and Tygryś

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