Learn from the expertise of Patrick and Sabine Couture, who are the owners and operators of Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Paws News November 2020

The significance of the Rainbow Bridge Poem: Over the last few years Rainbow Bridge has become synonymous with animal lovers who have lost a pet. When we scatter the ashes of communally cremated pets in our cemetery, we invite the owners to be part of a short...

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Paws News October 2020

Should your pet be on a special diet?   The following is based on an article by  Khalil Ullah Khan   First things first: Does your pet really need a special diet? Does it have health issues that dictate which diet it should be on? There are different kinds...

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Paws News September 2020

Moving with Pets:   Most of us have experience moving with pets great and small. Their safety is important and we need to think about how to handle a move. The link below has some basic tips:...

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Paws News August 2020

  Pet Euthanasia vs. Natural Death: We have many clients say that they want their pet to pass away naturally at home. What does it really mean to let you pet die naturally? We all would like our pets to go to sleep and just not wake up. Unfortunately like in the...

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Paws News July 2020

Crate training a Puppy Did you get a new puppy and want to crate train him or her? Check out the link below: https://www.centralparkpaws.net/dog-training-tips/how-to-crate-train-a-puppy/

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Paws News June 2020

Looking after your Pets' health during a Pandemic:   Looking after ourselves during this time is difficult enough. Looking after your pet can add stress and anxiety. Visiting a Veterinarian is not fun in normal times. During the Pandemic the Veterinary Clinics...

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Paws News May 2020

Do you have an older or sick pet?   We all have to face the fact that our pets age and will need different care towards the end of life. The links below provide some vital information and we hope is helpful....

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Paws New April 2020

We thought we would  put together some frequently asked questions and answers. Can I get some ashes from a communal cremation? The short answer is NO. In a communal cremation the pets are not kept separate and all the ashes are mixed. If you wish to scatter some of...

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Paws News March 2020

What dangers can Spring bring to our pets? With spring fast approaching dangers lurk beneath the snow. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are aware of our and our pets' surroundings when they are out and about. Snow hides all kinds of nasty things that...

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