Learn from the expertise of Patrick and Sabine Couture, who are the owners and operators of Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Paws News August 2019

Rehoming a beloved Pet: No pet owner ever thinks that he would have to find a new home for a beloved pet. Life happens and circumstances change and that might mean that the pet has to be rehomed. Declining health – the owners and/or the pets’-, changes in finances all...

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Paws News June 2019

Stress Free Moving with Pets Moving to a new home /city might be exciting for us but can be stressful on our pets. Routines change, pet owners are anxious themselves and our pets take their cues from us. A move might mean that they are moved to the new location...

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Paws News May 2019

Professional Photography for Pets Are you considering a photo session for you pet? We know of a few people who had this done as their pet was entering the last stages of life. Check out the link to Beth Photography:...

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Paws News April 2019

Can I charge my Veterinarian with Malpractice? The following article is based on information found at http://www.petconnection.ca/veterinary-malpractice/ Many pet parents wonder if it is possible to sue a veterinarian if something goes wrong while they provide care...

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Paws News March 2019

Do Pets Experience Grief? Pets are a lot like and us and they do feel grief when they suffer the loss of another pet in the family or a human. Don’t be alarmed if your pet is acting differently after such a loss. You might not realize at first that your pet is...

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Paws News February 2019

Adopting a pet from a rescue or shelter: If you are considering adding a pet to your family think RESCUE. Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility but you are literally saving a life. Keep in mind that rescue pets come from various backgrounds and we never know the...

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Paws News January 2019

Indoor Cats and Exercise: Do you have an indoor cat and are worried that it is not getting enough exercise and will start putting on the pounds? Even though cats have a high metabolism, they still need exercise to keep them from becoming obese. Unlike dogs we don’t...

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Paws News December 2018

  Giving a pet as a gift:   Adding a pet to the family is a long-term commitment and needs input from everyone that will be caring for the pet. Pets should never be given as holiday gifts. If you do decide to give a pet as a gift to a child in your family or...

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