Learn from the expertise of Patrick and Sabine Couture, who are the owners and operators of Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Paws News December 2017

Leaving your dog at a Boarding Kennel for the first time: With Christmas approaching and people travelling to be with family we thought it might be a good idea to tackle the subject. Most of the information was found on the following website:...

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Paws News November 2017

How do you know if you actually receive the service from your pet aftercare provider that you requested and paid for? The short answer is you don’t. Keep in mind that the Pet Aftercare Industry is unregulated and that there is no real oversight. Veterinary...

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Aftercare for Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets: The most common pocket pets include rodents such as hamsters, gerbils, fancy mice, fancy rats and guinea pigs. It also includes sugar gliders, flying squirrels and hedgehogs. Pocket pets require specialised Veterinary Care and in Ottawa there are 2...

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In Home Veterinary Service

Home Euthanasia   We know Euthanasia is a very difficult subject for pet owners. In the last 2 years we have seen an increase in pet owners inquiring about Home Euthanasia. We work primarily with 3 Veterinarians who offer this service and we have referred many...

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Paws News – August 2017

Chiropractic Care for Animals The goals of chiropractic care for animals are no different than the goals of chiropractic care for humans. We have to address the intimate relationship between the spinal column, its muscles, and the nervous system which controls all...

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Paws News July 2017

Euthanizing a healthy pet for the owners’ convenience In the last month I came across 2 articles written on the subject. It is a fact that healthy pets are euthanized every day in Canada. The reasons vary: • monetary issues • owners are moving • the owner is getting...

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Paws News June 2017

Should Veterinary Clinics be involved in Pet Aftercare?   A few weeks ago a very disturbing video was posted on you tube. This video shows practices that were carried out in Jan 2017. It has since been taken down due to a defamation claim. This not the first time...

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Paws News May 2017

Why can’t our pets live forever? We know we have posted similar articles on the blog, but we believe it can’t hurt to repeat the message. This is a question we are asked frequently. A friend of mine gave me an article by Ellen Ehrlich and I will be using it as a basis...

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Paws News April 2017

Is your pet overweight or obese? According to an article published in the 2014 January/February Issue of Best Health (Obesity and your pet) 60 % of pets are overweight or obese. (http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/pet-health/is-your-pet-at-risk-for-obesity/ ) This...

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