I am so glad that I found Resting Paws when trying to deal with the sudden and unexpected loss of our heart-dog, Dexter, while away from home this past Christmas.
I know something of the whole veterinary “industry” and ancillary services. I am saddened that the provision of appropriate, affordable care has been largely pushed aside by big business and corporate greed. As we had a day before returning home, I chose to resist the pressures being placed on me by the veterinary hospital for a quick decision. This is a story in itself, best saved for another venue. Suffice to say, a bit of internet research led me to Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium. I was happy to find that the business was locally owned by real people rather than a corporate entity. That their crematorium was private, located within the City of Ottawa, and accessible to clients. That their diversity of services and accommodating rates were more than competitive, and rang of having a personal touch.
I phoned Resting Paws. The call was answered immediately, by Sabine. Although I was a “blubbering mess”, Sabine was professional, yet compassionate and caring, giving me the time I needed to understand options and chose how I wanted to honour Dexter’s life. She guided me through the process, and helped me stay grounded, for which I am eternally grateful. Our options were clearly explained to us, and we were given the time to process and make decisions without being instilled with a sense of urgency.
Our Dexter, and we, were treated with extreme respect and dignity by Patrick and Sabine throughout the whole process. Dexter is now back home with us where he belongs, resting in an urn in our living room, where he can continue to watch over his domain. I will be taking some of his ashes with me to our RV site this spring, to spread in his favourite napping location.
We will miss Dexter terribly, yet finding Resting Paws and working with them to honour him has been a restoring experience. Patrick and Sabine are now part of our family, and will be there with us when our future pets make their journey over the Rainbow Bridge!

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