Resting Paws Pet Cemetery

Lay your pet to rest within the manicured grounds of the Resting Paws Pet Cemetery in a traditional burial service. Honour your pet according to your beliefs with closing words or rituals during the burial. We will assist with scheduling the burial so that all family members can be present to pay tribute to your pet’s life in a dignified manner.

As there are limited options in and around the Ottawa region, our Woodlawn cemetery will remain open for horse burials throughout the winter 2021-2022 season. 

Draw comfort from the peaceful country setting, and the knowledge that you may visit the final resting place of your pet any time you wish.

Traditional Burial Services for Equines Year-Round

Traditional burial service includes:

  • Burial Plots;
  • Standard 6” x 12” black granite marker engraved with name, dates and note;
  • On-site euthanasia available*.

* Working closely with your veterinarian, we will organize an on-site euthanasia to help ensure a calm and peaceful environment for you and your beloved companion.

Winter Rate**
(December 1st – March 31st
**Transportation costs not included.

Traditional Pet Burials

Traditional pet burial service includes:

  • Plot with 15 year maintenance agreement;
  • Pick up at home or Veterinary Clinic *;
  • Opening and closing; and
  • Standard 6” x 12” black granite marker engraved with name, dates and note.
Rates by Weight
2 – 100lbs $350
> 100lbs $450

NOTE: Caskets are not necessary, but may be purchased if desired. The body may also be wrapped in a natural-fibre blanket (wool, cotton, or silk).

*Fee applies for the first 30 km radius starting at the corner of Carling and Churchill. After 30 km radius an additionnal fee of $1.25 for every additional km applies. Additional fees after hours and week-end apply.

Urn Burials

Urn burial service includes:

  • Plot with 15 year maintenance agreement;
  • Opening and closing; and
  • Standard 6” x 12” black granite marker engraved with name, dates and note.
Flat Rate

Tree Sponsorship: please contact us for details.

Burial & Cemetery FAQs

At the time of your loss the emotions of the moment can make it easy for you to misunderstand your options. Most clinics offer a burial option but you can’t be present and will never know where your pets’ final resting place is. Typically there are multiple pets buried in one grave in a farmers’ field.
I have pet insurance, does it cover burial?

Check with your policy provider, some plans cover aftercare cost and aftercare means final disposition of the body whether it be cremation or burial.

Do I need casket to bury my pet?

No, we allow natural burials or pet wrapped in cotton, wool or silk blanket.

Can I provide or build my own burial container?

You are welcome to provide or build a container for your pet. The container must be 100% biodegradable, and the appropriate size for the pet. If you are not sure, please ask us for guidance. We will not accept pressure treated wood, plastic or fiberglass containers.

How long can you keep my pet at your location before burial?

We recognize that this is an emotionally difficult time; therefore, arrangements can be made to keep your companion for a reasonable amount of time while you weigh your options.

Can I bury my pet with its’ favorite toy? Can I leave toys on the grave?

 Our pet cemetery is environmentally friendly. As such, we welcome biodegradable toys such as sticks, wool blankets, or rawhide bones. Toys made of synthetic materials or rubbers will not properly biodegrade, and may not be buried with your pet.

Items such as toys or other mementos left as tokens on the grave will be removed after a week and disposed of.

Can I bury multiple pets in my plot?

Yes, but the pets must be buried at the same time. 

With your all-inclusive price can I choose the plot location?

No, plot allocation is assigned by cemetery staff.

Can I provide my own plaque or head stone?

Yes, you are able to provide your own plaque or headstone, provided it has been approved by Resting Paws.  We do not allow wood markers or makeshift cement markers.

When can I visit my pets’ grave?

You may visit your pet’s final resting place whenever you wish. However, please keep in mind that snow is not cleared in the grave area in winter.

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