Thank you Resting Paws (aka Sabine, Patrick and the “comfort team” Roxy and Diego.

My constant companion of 18 years was in distress and needed to be assisted to the other side late one Sunday night. This is traumatic enough; the decision, the act and the second thoughts, and our loss. Now I had to decide what comes next.

I am so thankful that my Mom handed me a card a couple of years ago, with a simple “Put it away until you need it”. When I got back home with Jersey, I pulled out that card and left a message for Sabine and Patrick of Resting Paws, still unsure what I was going to do. Sabine called first thing in the morning, expressed her condolences and compassionately, but professionally outlined what options were available. From my first conversation right through our path (cremation), both Patrick and Sabine were helpful, informative and supportive (hugs included). They explained as much as we wanted to know about any aspect of their operation. We were able to leave Jersey with them, in her own bed with her blanket (which made me feel better), until her cremation. We chose to drive out Resting Paws Cemetery, a beautiful, restful country location, to say our final goodbyes to her worldly body and wait to bring her back home. Again, Patrick answered any questions we had and we could witness as much of the cremation process as we were comfortable with. Jersey was returned to us in a beautiful wooden urn, that Patrick makes himself, with a brass plate with Jersey’s name and dates on it. I also received a beautiful pendant with Jersey’s name on it that contains a tiny bit of her ashes sealed inside, which has become very special to me.

I’m thankful that we found Sabine, Patrick owners of Resting Paws. Jersey received the respect due a loving companion, the family was treated with compassion at a stressful time and we had the comfort of knowing that she never left the area and we could see exactly what happened until we brought her back home.

I am definitely handing Resting Paws business cards to my family, friends and acquaintances as telling them to “put it away until you need it”.

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