Premiere chose, les propriétaires peuvent communiquer en français! Le reste de mon témoignage sera en anglais car je crois que les gens qui utilisent les services de cette « maison funéraire » sont majoritairement anglophone. // I used the cremation service for the remains of Nagor (my dog) from Resting Paws last June 2019. Though my memory of that day was rather hazy, what I do remember was the professionalism of both owners/operators. From the moment I left Nagor in their hands, to the moment I took the urn in my hands, every steps were done properly. I did not elect to watch the entire process, you can if you want, but rather I walked in the pet cemetery and surrounding area to reflect on my time spent with Nagor. I thank that friendly couple who assisted me from my first phone call to the day of Nagor cremation. Ils ont été très sympathiques et courtois face à ce que je vivais. Merci!!


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