We would like to share our story of our cat Buddy, who passed away at home after about six months palliative care for cancer. He was a very special guy, who would come and tell me to take him for a walk, which we would do daily on a leash of course. He would show me places in our neighbourhood that I had never been to before. He was a ‘’feral porch’’ cat, before he came knocking on our door just over 9 years one very cold February night and adopted us. He would greet us at the front door, without exception every time we came home and wanted a brief cuddle and than would join us in the living room and of course at the dining room table when we had dinner and sat on his favourite chair at the head of the table. We were heart broken when he passed and we wanted to have him cremated so we could spread his ashes in our front garden, next to the front porch where we spend many hours with him. We found ‘’Resting Paws’’ on the internet and we need to express our gratitude to Patrick and Sabine in the way they helped us take care of this difficult and painful task. They showed great compassion from the moment we contacted them and brought Buddy over to the crematorium, which is located just west of Ottawa on a beautiful piece of land. We were giving a brief tour by Patrick and he showed us how Buddy’s cremation would ensure we received his ashes and his ashes only. Sabine handed Buddy’s ashes to us in a nicely designed small wooden box, which contained a plastic bag, which made the spreading very easy. Thank you so very much Sabine and Patrick! Louise, John and Buddy

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