After an unexpected surgery, resulting from an unexpected health condition left our beloved Boxer dog, Kramer, in a serious health condition but his prognosis was favourable and expected to fully recover.

Kramer was a big boy, he weighed 120 pounds and was a rescue dog. We had the good fortune of rescuing him at five and a half months old, thanks to our fabulous Veterinarian.

Kramer was a gentle giant and would not hurt a fly.

Unfortunately Kramer passed in the morning of February 22nd 2021 after being at home for only three days after his surgery.

Since Kramer has now departed us he must now travel to the Rainbow Bridge alone.

Once Kramer arrives at the Rainbow Bridge he will have plenty of time to lookup and meet his six sisters who travelled there before him. While all seven are together waiting for their forever parents to arrive, they will have plenty of time to play and frolic in the sun together and discuss their living with us, their forever parents.

When we both pass-on we will be heading first to the Rainbow Bridge to be united with all seven of our departed Boxers. Once there, and spotted, we are very sure we will be “attacked” with love, kisses and tears from all seven of our pets. ( Boxer dogs are known to shed tears of joy and sorrow)

When we are all united again all of us will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge heading for the land where there is never any pain again, all medical problems are erased and life is everlasting.

The morning that Kramer passed-on it was then we discovered that the crematorium we used in the past was no longer in business, it has been purchased

and controlled by a conglomerate. This news left us in a difficult spot.

Searching for another pet crematorium on the internet was virtually useless, all had conditions we were not in favour of. That was until we contacted Resting Paws.

Resting Paws were exactly what we wanted, we knew from the first minute we talked to Sabine. She was understanding, helpful and a pleasure to talk to from her very first word.

Plans were made for a private cremation in two days, the exact way we had hoped for and planned. Complete arrangements were finalized by phone including the day and time for the cremation of Kramer to take place.

The day of the cremation we arrived at the site and met with Patrick. The two-dog welcoming committee greeted us as we arrived. The two dogs were a welcome site.

After the cremation had taken place Patrick had everything completed. The remains were in the urn, paper work completed and everything neatly placed in a bag for travelling safely home.

Our dealing with Sabine and Patrick at Resting Paws was nothing short of professionalism in the highest degree. All facets of Kramer’s cremation was perfect and we were more that pleased.

It is for sure if we need that type of service in the future Resting Paws will be the one we will contact. If friends of ours are in need of this service we will highly recommend Resting Paws to them.

In closing we want to thank you both, Sabine & Patrick, for your outstanding service and compassion when a dearly beloved family member of ours, Kramer, has departed us.

Special Thanks to Sabine and Patrick.

Marlyn, Earl and Kramer.


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