Cancer took away my little empress cat Sissi six weeks ago. On her veterinarian Dr. Lachance’s recommendation I contacted Resting Paws for possible arrangements. Though wary before my call to the company’s French-speaking agent Catherine, I was deeply touched by her consideration for losing my companion of 13 years. She took the time to listen to me while I could barely talked between my tears. She explained what Resting Paws could do for both Sissi and me and guided me gently to the best choice for us. According to my wishes they cremated my Sissi on June 25 last and respected my ardent wish to place into the urn alongside her ashes the collar she wore all her life with me. I know they did because I can hear the delicate rattling of the identification medallions hanging down it, as they did when she was alive and moving around. I picked up her urn yesterday at the vet. I was overwhelmed, not only by its quality and elegance, but also and foremost by the care it was presented to me with. Indeed, in the bag there was my baby’s urn sitting at the bottom of an elegant recyclable paper bag, an official cremation certificate and a beautifully, yet sober handmade card with a comforting poem below which three caring humans had signed their names.

So to Patrick, Sabine and Damien, as well as Catherine of course, all my most grateful thanks. You all made those trying circumstances bearable. Now I feel at peace along my sweet baby’s ashes in this lovely bamboo urn where she’s resting as well.

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