I just read about an upcoming fundraiser hosted by Resting Paws this morning that reminded me that I hadn’t posted my testimony yet. It is also coming up to the 1st year anniversary that I brought my beloved Rocky to Resting Paws.
I can’t say how much the owners of Resting Paws made the experience easier and I knew I was getting the closure and best quality of service possible. I had called around the Ottawa-Gatineau-Pembroke area about cremation services and didn’t like the “communal” or not fully private cremation service. I wanted to keep the ashes but not remnants of other pets. And Pembroke was just too far away. Rocky was definitely part of the family and my loyal buddy so I wanted the best service.
Sabine and Patrick are warm, loving people and are passionate about their work and I never felt like it was “all business”. I was very happy and felt very comfortable sharing my tears and knowing Rocky was going to be well taken care of (and eventually home again). This was my biggest thing I was nervous about and we got to see as little or as much as we wanted of the service. I’m the type that likes to ask a lot of questions and Patrick was great to share the information. They even have a great collection of keepsakes you can purchase.
I hope business is going well for Resting Paws!! So great this city has your service. And so great of you to think about our local rescue shelters as well :). All the best in your future.

Thank you again.

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