Your Pet Is Getting Older:

Think about the cost of Veterinary Care towards the end of your pets’ life. At this point it is a good idea to start researching aftercare options.

Here are some considerations:

When is the right time to have your pet euthanized?

It is always a good idea to have this discussion with your Veterinarian. The final decision is usually yours (unless your pet is in an accident or develops a life- threatening emergency). Speak to your family and try and come to an understanding how far you are willing to go to keep your pet alive.

You might find some answers in these brochures: www.pet-loss.net/handouts.shtml

Will you bring your pet to a clinic or have it euthanized at home?

This is a personal preference. We always suggest that pet owners ask their own vet if he/she would come to the pets’ home. If you need a mobile vet please contact us and we can give you the contact info for several mobile vets. Home Euthanasia is an option for large pets or if your pet is terrified of going to the clinic.

What happens at the Veterinary Clinic?

Prior to your pet being euthanized your Veterinarian should ask you to sign a consent form. On this form there should be options for aftercare.

One of these options should be offering you to take your pet with you once it is euthanized.

Another should be HOLD your pet until you can make a decision that is right for you and your family.

Remember, you are the pets’ owner and it is your decision what should happen next.

What aftercare service do you and your family prefer? How much will it cost?

Some families need time to decide which service works for them. We offer cremation, traditional burial and urn burial and the cost depends on the service you choose.

Do you want to witness your pet’s cremation?

We offer witnessing of cremation free of charge. Some pet owners want to be there from start to finish, others just want to say good-bye one last time.

Do you prefer to have your pet buried in a proper pet cemetery, farmer’s field or is the cottage an option?

We have a full privilege pet cemetery where we can lay the body to rest, no need for cremation. You and your family are present for the burial and you can come and visit whenever you want, except in winter once the snow is on the ground. If your pet passes away in winter and you wish to bury in the cemetery or at the cottage in spring we can keep it safe for until then.

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At the time of your loss the emotions of the moment can make it easy for you to misunderstand your options. If you have lost a pet suddenly, or are preparing for the passing of an aging pet, you can find peace of mind at Resting Paws.
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