We thought we would  put together some frequently asked questions and answers.

Can I get some ashes from a communal cremation?

The short answer is NO. In a communal cremation the pets are not kept separate and all the ashes are mixed. If you wish to scatter some of your pets’ ashes you can take part in the little scattering ceremony at our cemetery.

Can I cremate /bury my pet with his favorite blanket and toys?

We can only cremate or bury blankets made out of 100% cotton, wool or linen. Toys made from sisal or other natural fibres are allowed. Anything synthetic or plastic is not allowed.

How do I arrange for Home Euthanasia?

We work with several veterinarians who provide Home Euthanasia services. The first thing we tell our clients is to speak to their own veterinarian first. Most will provide the service for their clients/patients.

Home Euthanasia is not meant for Emergency situations. It takes some planning and while the veterinarians we work with will do their best, they can’t provide the service on very short notice.

We usually give clients the contact information for several veterinarians and it is up to the client to choose who they wish to work with.

What is the difference between the Semi-Private and Private Cremation?

In a semi-private cremation the smaller pets are placed in individual stainless steel cremation containers and the biggest pet is placed on the platform of the crematory. Because we use cremation containers there is no mixing of the ashes.

In a private cremation only 1 pet is placed in the crematory.

If you decide to witness a semi-private cremation there is always a chance that another pet owner(s) is there at the same, while you would be alone if you witness a private cremation. *by appointment only

Do you offer pick-up services?

Yes, we do. For private and semi-private cremation services we charge $20.00 +HST for pick-ups within 30 km of our home office located at 228 Allison Ave in Ottawa during normal working hours Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Weekends and after hours the charge is $40.00 +$1.00 per km travelled.

For communal cremation services the pick-up charge is $20.00 + $1.00 per km travelled during normal working hours and $40.00 + $1.00 per km travelled.

Do you work with Veterinary Clinics?

We work with 1 Veterinary Clinic in Ottawa and 1 in Maniwaki QC. We mostly work directly with our clients.

If your pet is euthanized at a clinic and you wish to use our services, all you need to do is tell the clinic to hold the pet until you have made the arrangements.  Most pet owners call us ahead of time and we can discuss the options and if they wish to bring their pet to us or if we pick it up at the clinic.

Do you offer Same Day creation?

Yes we do. The cost for Same Day Cremation (meaning cremation doesn’t take place on a regular cremation day) is higher than if we cremate your pet on a regular cremation day because we start the crematory for your pet alone.

How can I arrange for cremation if I live out of town or would like to bring my pet to the crematory on cremation day?

We can make all the arrangements by phone or e-mail. We require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.

*by appointment only

I have my own urn (or do not want an urn). Does that change the cost?

No it does not.  We still have to place the ashes in a pouch to bring home.

I would like to have more than one pet cremated at the same time. Do you offer Family Cremations?

Yes we do.

The cost depends on the weight of each pet. The service includes 1 urn. Additional urns can be purchased. You have a choice to cremate your pets together or keep them apart (in cremation containers)

Burial..what happens after the maintenance contract expires?

You have the choice to extend the maintenance contract simply by contacting us prior to the date indicated in the contract. The maintenance fee will be based on the amount we charge at that time.

If you don’t wish to extend, the marker is removed (you can pick it up if you wish) and the grave is reused.

When can I visit my pet in the cemetery?

You can visit your pet anytime, keeping in mind that we do not clear the snow in winter.


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