Rehoming a beloved Pet:

No pet owner ever thinks that he would have to find a new home for a beloved pet. Life happens and circumstances change and that might mean that the pet has to be rehomed.

Declining health – the owners and/or the pets’-, changes in finances all contribute to the decision to rehome the pet. This is the most difficult decision a pet owner ever has to make.

Life is unpredictable and depending on the circumstances there are resources available to help care for the pet. Find a local shelter or rescue and see if they offer temporary foster care. The Pet Resource Bank can help with food, Veterinary Cost.

Reaching out for help can make a huge difference.

If the pet can no longer stay with the owner there are safe and responsible ways to make sure the pet is placed in a good home. The pets’ needs come first and it is important to figure out what kind of home would be best suited…a single person, a family with children, a home with other pets. This is a very emotional time and searching for the perfect home is draining. The last thing a pet owner should consider is to abandon the pet at a vet’s office or “set it free”.

Pet owners can be very successful in rehoming the pet to family, friends or neighbors.

Social media is a great platform to share the pets’ story and find potential adopters. Meeting the potential adopters in person is a must. Questions about their life style, home life and other family members and /or pets are important. A meeting between the pet and the potential new owner is essential. 

If all else fails the pet owners have the choice of surrendering the pet to a no-kill shelter or one of the many animal rescues.

Finding a new home for a pet is never easy but if it is dine with the pets’ well-being in mind, the pet can bring joy to a new family and get all the love and care it deserves.

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