February 2017

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Importance of winter coat maintenance:

Most homeowners know that packing more pink fibreglass than is recommended between the studs of the walls does not make for a warmer basement. Why? Compressing the batting removes trapped air. It is the presence and uniformity of trapped air that makes insulation work.

Fur keeps an animal warm in the exact same way. The soft downy undercoat traps a layer of warm dry air next to the skin.

A matted coat is NOT a warm coat. In fact, a matted coat is a lot like a rodent infested attic; with some areas that are clumped up tightly, sometimes soiled, and spots that are thin and drafty.

But even if the coat is not matted, if not brushed regularly (right down to the skin) the undercoat can become so packed that there is little to no air buffer against the animal’s skin.

Furthermore, when a matted or packed coat gets wet it takes an eternity to dry. Chronically moist areas are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus which gives rise to funky smell and if left unchecked can cause hot spots and skin irritations.

A shorter well maintained coat is warmer than a long matted one. It also looks and smells better. So for the sake of your furry friend’s comfort, please don’t skip those mid-winter trips to the groomer- even if it’s just for a good brush-out and sanitary work.

Wendy Tremblay, Canine Composure
Certified Master Groomer
613 878-0877

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