Pet Proofing your Home and Yard

Are you thinking about getting a pet? Pets are generally curious and you will have to pet proof their surroundings to keep them safe.

Things to consider:

• How big is the pet?
• Can it get in to tight, narrow spaces?
• Can it jump?
• How long will it be alone at home?
• How can I keep it safe if I am not there?
• What kind/ size of habitat / crate do I need?
• How much space do I need for the habitat/ crate?
• Will my pet go outside?

For some suggestions on what to be aware of visit:

For a list of foods dangerous to our pets visit:

For a list of poisonous and harmful plants visit:

Poisonous Houseplants: 10 Indoor Plants for Pet Owners and Parents to Avoid

For more information on harmful chemicals visit:
http://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-toxins-poisons/keeping-your-pets-safe-garage- hazards

For suggestion on pet proofing your yard visit:

7 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Yard That Can Be Done Today

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