Looking after your Pets’ health during a Pandemic:


Looking after ourselves during this time is difficult enough. Looking after your pet can add stress and anxiety.

Visiting a Veterinarian is not fun in normal times. During the Pandemic the Veterinary Clinics have strict procedures in place to protect their clients and themselves.

Not having the face to face contact  with Clinic staff is difficult.

If your pet is at the end of its’ life and you have to make the decision to euthanize him/ her it can be heartbreaking. Leaving your companion at the clinic door and not being able to be there is almost too much to bear for most people.

Quite a few of our clients opted for Home Euthanasia instead. All of the Veterinarians we work with offer the service even during the pandemic.The 24 hour Emergency Clinics have procedures in place to allow you to be with your pet for the Euthanasia. Some people opt to have the pet euthanized in their car….

We consider ourselves privileged that we can still offer our services, even though we had to put safety precautions in place and can’t offer our services on the personal level we usually do.


Stay healthy and strong.




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