Why Do Children Love Animals So Much?

Most animal lovers will say they have an instant connection with pets and other animals. But there’s something extra special about the way children connect with animals.

There are countless stories out there of how trust and loyalty develop between animals and children.

Experts are just starting to really explore the special relationship between children and animals, which could have profound insights for child psychology. There’s already some evidence that spending time with animals can increase a child’s self-esteem, help teach them how to interact socially and even promote their cognitive development

Being a little kid is fun, but it can be frustrating, too — they are still learning words, and sometimes it’s very hard to communicate (leading to tantrums and screaming). 

Animals can help children connect to the world. They listen to secrets, are non-judgemental and can help children understand that human beings have responsibilities beyond just us. Pets don’t just make children happy …Caring for pets helps shape them into responsible, empathetic people.

Because animals are generally patient and forgiving many schools have brought in pets for children to read out loud to. The animals don’t care about mistakes and are happy for the company.

People who work in Animal Shelters and rescues have also noticed that many nervous and anxious animals respond particularly well to children.

Children who grow up with pets see them as part of the family and it is clear that the animals love them right back. Most children growing up with pets become responsible pet owners themselves.

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