Memory Urn Cat or Dog With Paw Print


The Memory urn allows you to display your companion with a 4″ x 6″ photo and his paw print all in one urn. The capacity of the urn is suitable for ashes of any cat or dog up to 35 kg (75 lb).

Paw Print is $30.00 extra.

This urn is only available to clients using our services


• Suitable for a companions ashes up to 35 kg (75 lb).
• Measurements 6½” (16.5 cm) tall, 8½” (21. 5 cm) wide, 2½” (6.5 cm) deep.
•Picture inserts is 4” (10 cm) x 6” (15 cm) protected with Plexiglas.
• The Paw Print opening is reflective of pet size.
• Personalized name plate is included.