I am very happy with my pets and that I found the Resting Paws. I came across it by accident. But I was always told God works in mysterious ways and now I am happy and satisfied that 3 of my pets were cremated and I have their ashes now. I was very happy with what Patrick and Sabrina did. My cat Katrina died in my apartment and I called Sabrina to come and pick her up and she treated Katrina like she was still alive and I wasn’t shocked at that time to see that. And I had two other pets cremated. If it wasn’t for Patrick or Sabina you would have to pay tons of money at the vet clinic to get your animals ashes back. If anybody needs a cremation for their pets I recommend to go see Patrick and Sabina they are the best people to have for your pets. I love you guys very much caring for my animals. The day when I went and got my cat Katrina‘s ashes I was still upset but they have two dogs that will greet you and help you get over your loss of your pet special The black dog he or she was faithful and when I started crying the dog is there to make you pet him or her so if anybody tells you that dogs don’t know anything that’s not true these two dogs know what you’re feeling and will help you deal with your pain.

Love from


My pets name are

Jo-Hannah, Shola,

Hannah, snowball.

Ottawa, ON

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