Sadly, our beloved pet, a female Pug, who went by the name of Snotz had succumbed to her ongoing medical issues after 15 years of life and lots of love. We, as a family, had observed her final days of life with much sadness and sorrow and knowing her time was very near. In the immediate period after her passing, hopefully to go to dog heaven, but never to be forgotten for all of the joy and love, companionship, friendship and faithfulness she had provided to us, we reached the decision to keep some memory of our beloved Snotz. In our time of need, we reached out to Resting Paws and were completely met with much understanding, compassion and solace in our time of grief. Sabrina, of Resting Paws, fully explained with much compassion, the process of cremation for our beloved Snotz and helped us immensely with our time of grief. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Resting Paws, as a final stop in the circle of life, for anyone who wishes to give their beloved pet the dignity and respect their pet deserves in their final time.

Thank you for the dignity, compassion, empathy and heartfelt professionalism you have provided to our beloved Snotz.


Ottawa, ON

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