When we were preparing to euthanize our beloved doggie, a rottie-lab mix of 16.3 years, we were worried how her body would be transported, whether we would be able to witness the cremation and how we could be sure that the ashes would really be hers.

We called Pat at Resting Paws for a private cremation service, a decision that we are so happy we made. Pat picked up our doggie within 5 minutes after the procedure. This was on Monday and the cremation was originally scheduled for Saturday but he was able to find a slot for us the very next day, which we greatly appreciated. When we arrived, Pat explained everything that was going to happen giving us a guided tour of the facilities. We witnessed how he carefully cleaned the oven from the previous cremation and left it running for 10 minutes before placing our doggie’s remains into it. We were able to say goodbye one last time.

The cremation took about an hour and a half, which we spent walking through the pet cemetery and talking to Pat. Then, after the bones cooled down, Pat grinded them in a special machine as we watched, and once the ashes were ready, he placed them in a plastic bag, wrapped it tight with a golden ribbon, and then tucked the bag into a hand-made wooden urn, made personally by him. The paw print had already been moulded and placed onto the urn the day before.

Witnessing the whole process step by step, carried out by Pat with loving care and personal attention, gave us a sense of deep comfort that we had taken good care of our doggie’s last trip. When we are ready to bury her ashes we can do so at the Resting Paws cemetery and have a tree planted from the grave, so that a new life would spring out of it, giving us a beautiful spot to come and visit. We were profoundly touched when we saw an old treed grave that had fresh carnations placed on it. The whole experience was filled with love and care. We had private time to ourselves, to cry, to talk, to remember our doggie, from the time we had her when she was 5 weeks old to her last minutes.


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