Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Christine Hanna

When our beloved cat, Bunny, fell quite ill and passed away, we were looking for a pet cemetery, as we did not want to have her cremated. Resting Paws responded to our inquiries immediately, and they were able to accommodate to a burial, the next day after she passed away. The cemetery was a lovely resting area for our precious little girl. Thank you Patrick and Sabine for everything!

Kanata, ON

Delia Coates

Thank you to Sabine and Patrick for helping us so quickly and with so much kindness after our cat Olive’s passing. We are very grateful for the service you provide allowing pet parents to give a loving and dignified send off to our beloved pet family members. We will be recommending Resting Paws.

Woodlawn, ON

Lauren Fast

Resting Paws was supportive and warm. The care they showed during my Buddy Bird’s cremation process is unmatched and SO appreciated, making a hard time the little bit easier that I needed to grieve. I brought Buddy home in a beautiful, customized urn that sits in our living room so he can continue to be the center of attention, like he always wanted.

Kanata, ON

Terry Warner

When my father’s health declined I needed to bring his cat to live with us. We suffered with that cat who could not adjust to our established dogs and cats household! And we kept reminding my father about his cat, but he understood less and less each month.

When my father died, I called our vet to euthanize the cat. The two of them would be together again. I called the vet, and I told the cat he was loved and would be loved still. Soon the vet carried him out of our lives.

Patrick called the next day or so for the specifics. Later when I picked up the remains, Patrick and I had a good chat about pets, our jobs, what we like to do, and we realized we had a few friends in common.

I buried my father’s ashes with a few of his characteristic belongings, and with his cat. They are together again.


Jan Pappas

The death of our beloved dog , Delphi was hard enough but figuring out what to do once she was gone was even harder. Thanks to the people at Resting Paws who responded immediately when we reached out and were very compassionate and accommodating we are forever grateful.

Kanata, ON

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