Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Karen Hannah

I am so ever grateful for Resting paws for their kindness and empathy they showed me and my family, from the first phone call I made Sabrina talked me through that terrible day when I had to take that decision to put my dog Buddy down. Patrick meet up with us over at the vets. office he supported us through these hard times I couldn’t have done it without his support..He brought my dog Buddy back to Resting Paws to have him buried the next day. Patrick brings his two beautiful dogs along for therapy even as your grieving for your own loss you find comfort in them. I miss my Buddy deeply but I know that I can go anytime To Resting Paws and spend my quiet moments with him. Thumbs up for Resting Paws. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Katherine Ivey

We used Resting Paws’ storage service until we could bring our Rosie dog up north to bury her on family property. Throughout our experience Sabine and Patrick were accommodating and professional – kind and compassionate. We highly recommend Sabine and Patrick’s services.

Karen Gray

On July 13, 2016 we lost our 14 year old pug, Newman, he was our “baby” and my husband and I were both devastated by his passing. As his passing was very sudden, we were not prepared, but one call to Resting Paws and within 20 mins they were at our door with hugs and kind words. I would like to thank Resting Paws for their professionalism and their kindness & understanding during this sad time in our life.

Veldon Coburn

Sabine and Patrick have a special place in my heart for the exceptional compassion and service they provided to support our family through our loss of Molly. I am eternally grateful for what Resting Paws did to celebrate the life of Molly and cherish the memories of her. The importance and reverence for Molly that our family holds was reflected in the utmost care and understanding demonstrated by Sabine and Patrick.

Gary Waddell

I was very pleased with the care and service provided by Resting Paws.

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