Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Evelina Proeva

On March 10th, 2018, we were greeted by two beautiful souls, Roxy and Diego (the owners’ two dogs). They escorted us inside where I was able to witness the cremation of my sweet kitty, Simba, together with two friends of mine. We laid her onto a bed of rose petals and anointed her with Frankincense, Myrrh and incense. Roxy and Diego held space for the beautiful ceremony ever so gently. I love the way the owners handled every detail and all the support I felt in this difficult time. The Mystic Blue urn is beautiful. Thank you!


When our beloved cat Sam passed away after a long 16 years as one of our most loyal companions, myself, my mother, my brothers and those in our family who knew him so well were heartbroken. We knew that the best way to honour the memory of Sam would be to have him creamated and kept with us in our home always because he had passed away in this home. ❤️ Resting Paws was the first link I clicked on google when I began searching for animal creamation. What I loved most about Resting Paws was the private creamation option and how wonderfully friendly and caring the two owners were! I reccomend Resting Paws for any pet owner who will spare no expense to give their beloved pet the after death care it deserves. Thank you so much Patrick and Sabine for the wonderful service. ❤️


As a professional in the pet industry, I have extremely high standards when it comes to my clients, and my personal animals. I have referred your service several times for clients of mine. I never Thought I would have to personally use your service as all our previous babies have been burried on our land. However, our beautiful working weimeraner passed away in her sleep at 13.8 years of age at the end of January. We thought of you immediately, I called, you picked up the phone. Even when I couldn’t even speak, you were on the other end saying it was ok. Your professionalism and accommodating care was so greatly appreciated. It was good to have options, and you provided many for our Specific greving process. The craftsman ship of the wooden urns is beautiful and I particularly love the dove tail ends and simplicity of the design. I myself had the need to touch her ashes so I appreciated being able to open the urn with ease. A special unique touch was the tiniest pink bow enclosing her ashes. My reccomendation would be to Improve the ventaltion system as the smell of Propane is overpowering. Keep up the beautiful work. Much appreciation to you both!

Marc Fares

Sabine and Patrick were wonderful when we needed their services – caring, compassionate, and professional. Highly recommended.

Jocelyne and Rick MacIntyre

A week ago, we had to say goodbye to Buddy, our loyal companion and best friend.
We are very grateful to have found “Resting Paws”. Patrick and Sabine were compassionate and very caring. As pet owners themselves, they understood our grief and were very comforting and respectful. We wish to thank them for their help and support.
P.S. I am wearing the memento offered by Patrick and Sabine. I really appreciate this kind gesture.
My Buddy will always be close to my heart and will never be forgotten….we shall meet again at the “Rainbow Bridge ”

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