Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Jessica Lauzon

Our family cat James passed away very suddenly and unexpectadly at home.. and not knowing what to do with his remains, I took to google.
SO glad I found this place. Sabine was very understanding and so respectful. We got to say our final goodbyes to our little guy at home and then he was picked up. The service from beginning to end was incredible. Thank you Resting Paws, you made our last goodbye a little easier.


Our little Ragdoll cat “Minx” who was 17 years young became very ill suddenly and passed away at home last week. We knew that her time to go was coming and contacted Sabine the evening before the inevitable happened. The care, compassion and professionalism shown by Resting Paws was appreciated and comforting. Sabine picked up her little remains and handled her with kindness and genuine empathy…..My son and I brought her home on Monday….virtual hugs all round.

I highly recommend you allow Resting Paws to service the needs of your departed fur babies; you will find their attentive and sincere care comforting…..Thank you Sabine and Patrick. Xxx


Ronald G.

Sadly, our beloved pet, a female Pug, who went by the name of Snotz had succumbed to her ongoing medical issues after 15 years of life and lots of love. We, as a family, had observed her final days of life with much sadness and sorrow and knowing her time was very near. In the immediate period after her passing, hopefully to go to dog heaven, but never to be forgotten for all of the joy and love, companionship, friendship and faithfulness she had provided to us, we reached the decision to keep some memory of our beloved Snotz. In our time of need, we reached out to Resting Paws and were completely met with much understanding, compassion and solace in our time of grief. Sabrina, of Resting Paws, fully explained with much compassion, the process of cremation for our beloved Snotz and helped us immensely with our time of grief. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Resting Paws, as a final stop in the circle of life, for anyone who wishes to give their beloved pet the dignity and respect their pet deserves in their final time.

Thank you for the dignity, compassion, empathy and heartfelt professionalism you have provided to our beloved Snotz.


Ottawa, ON

Bob & Marie

We would like to thank Patrick and Sabina for their compassion and professionalism in our time of despair and sorrow, they’ve made the transition of living without our precious Emma that much easier….


Delia and Andrew

Thank you Patrick and Sabine for the caring help you provided us when we sent our wonderful dog Spencer on to his next destination. You have helped us with a few pets and have always been very kind and respectful. What a wonderful and caring service you provide. We have often told friends about Resting Paws. Delia and Andrew xo

Woodlawn, ON

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