Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Naomi Flint

Thank you so much to Resting Paws for helping us through one of the most difficult days we have faced. After losing Cody in a tragic accident, Resting Paws treated us with kindness and compassion and even handled Cody with love and respect (difficult for most people to handle the remains of someone else’s dead pet I would imagine). Resting Paws gave us some private time to say goodbye and hugged us and sat with us to chat during the cremation. Patrick was great at telling personal stories and asking questions to get us out of our shells and made this experience undoubtedly less negative than I would have expected, and we left feeling more calm and smiling (a feat I thought impossible). We are so grateful to Resting Paws for helping us through this time and would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you, with love from Naomi, Dan and Cody (from above).

Catherine Fydell

Thank you Sabine and Patrick.

Even though I knew what was coming, when my cat passed I was unprepared. You were there and provided much needed support and compassion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Indira Thackorie

Resting Paws was wonderful in caring for our cat Maximus. The drive to their Woodland cemetery & crematorium was nice, it gave us time to reflect and focus on what we were about to do. There was empathy and kindness throughout which made it easier.
We had a semi private cremation and it was an easy process, at no point did we feel they were focused on money (like our Vet). There were many urns to choose from that are made and personalized in house by the owners. Also, the cemetery is beautiful if that is your choice.
Patrick & Sabine are wonderful people, we couldn’t thank them enough for their kindness. They have two dogs, Roxy & Diego, who were therapeutic to play with while we were waiting.
I highly recommend this organization for anyone who has lost a member of their family.

Texeira Family

Dear Patrick,

Our family wanted to thank you for your compassion and care that you showed
during our time of loss.
We were touched with the way you handled Max.
We are very grateful to you for meeting our request to cremate Max the same
day that he passed away and also for bringing his ashes to our house a few
hours after cremation.

With gratitude,
Texeira Family

Debster Leahy

I can’t begin to tell you enough good things about Resting Paws. Patrick and Sabine are wonderful, compassionate and caring people.
The thought of having our fur babies cremated had never crossed my mind before but since I have found them, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
From having my son’s ferret Pebbles and now the devastating loss of my own beloved wonderdoggie Bubba taken care of by Resting Paws I can know in my heart their journey over the Rainbow Bridge will be a smooth one.
Any of my friends with fur babies (or any pet), when the time comes I hope you think of Resting Paws to help you through the whole process.
Thank you so much for everything Patrick and Sabine

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