Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Denise Sparkes

My 17 year old dachshund passed away last night and after having previous experience with this service I didn’t hesitate to call them. I called at 10 pm last night and they were quick to call me back and guided me through what to do until I could bring him in in the morning. They are compassionate wonderful people and they understand the importance our pets are. I will recommend them to everyone I meet. Thanks for your support today.

Clay Family

We went through a pretty tough time with the loss of our beloved Lab Copper this past week and we’re so thankful for the wonderful and caring service we received from our friends at Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc. Patrick and Sabine Couture were absolutely fabulous during our tough time. Their family business being relatively new to the Ottawa area, we are so thankful for having the ability to use their facilities. Thanks so much Patrick and Sabine. From the Clays

Allan Aguilar

We have to let our member of the family named Scotty go to his next journey over the rainbow after staying with us for 4 years, but Scotty have to leave his body behind. We asked the assistance of Resting Paws as we wanted Scotty to be taken cared of. Patrick and Sabine accepted our need and they have provided us with a compassionate solution. We know that Scotty’s body will be taken care until such time he is ready to be cremated. Thank you Patrick and Sabine for your wonderful assistance.

Therese Richard/ Claude Scott

I have lost my best friend Chopin, he was a bichon/maltese. When I first held him against me he was just a five months old little bundle of fur. I could hear is hearth and I guess he could hear mine because minutes after he was in my arms he felt asleep. He felt loved, wanted and needed. Everyday of his 13 years I kept telling him when I took him in my arms for the first time how powerful the connection, the bounding was. At night, no matter what kind of day we had — I would say maman and papa love you. On June 25th, 2015 we drove Chopin an hour after his death to meet with Sabine & Patrick of Resting Paws. The warmth from Sabine, Patrick and their two loving labrador Roxy and Diego whom made me feel that they profoundly understood my big lost.

We decided my husband and I to go to the cremation/cemetary. I must say the place is one of the most peaceful, warmth resting area for our four legs friends.

Thank you Sabine, Patrick, Roxy & Diego from Claude, Therese and CHOPIN (August 2002 – June 2015) Love you


J’ai perdu mon petit garcon Chopin. Il etait in bichon/maltais de 13 ans. J’ai eu le coup de foudre pour cette boule de poil tout blanc de cinq mois et je crois que pour Chopin s’etait l’amour pour sa nouvelle maman. A peine quelque minutes dans mes bras tout coller dans mon cou, il s’endourmi. Il etait voulu, aime et desire. Je lui disais tous les soirs avant de se coucher que maman et papa l’aimait beaucoup.

Malheureusement, le 25 juin 2015 Chopin nous a quitte. Nous l’avons conduit une heure apres son deces chez Sabine et Patrick, nous avons aussi fait la connaissance des deux labradors Roxy et Diego. Je dois dire que nous avons grandement apprecier la chaleur, la compassion et la sensibilite recu de Sabine, Patrick et les deux chiens accompagnateurs (Roxy et Diego) pour notre perte et immense peine.

Nous avons accompagner notre Chopin jusqu’au crematoire et nous avons eu malgre la douleur, une belle experience. L’endroit est paisible et serene. Quelle belle envolee pour un dernier voyage pour nos ami(ies) a quatre pattes.

Merci Sabine, Patrick, Roxy et Diego — Chopin Gros bisou je t’aime

Lorin and Lise

I recently lost my best friend and closest companion, my beautiful and loyal sheltie named Simba. It was a very painful day and I felt lost and alone. In an instant he was gone and I was left holding him . Prior to his passing I had searched for somewhere to take Simba, since I knew that his time here was coming to an end. The internet led me to Resting Paws . An actual pet cemetery located in a beautiful country setting with manicured grounds and tall rustling trees surrounded by tranquil peace and quiet. I immediately knew this was where Simba belonged. I had found him a final resting place in a setting I knew he would have loved. Now I know his paws are truly at rest. A place I can visit whenever I want to let him know how much I love and miss him.  In a time of trying emotions, Sabine and Patrick were very supportive and understanding , giving me the space I needed to grieve for my friend. A difficult day was transformed into a beautiful memory of my beloved Simba being properly laid to rest. For their kindness and empathy Lise and I will be forever grateful.

Thank You Sabine and Patrick, for everything….

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