Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Debra Carey-Knox

This past Wednesday June 24 2015 I had to say goodbye to my bestfriend and heart, Majik ♥ . It was wonderful to hear that Resting Paws was able to help provide a place for her with them. It is not easy arranging to bury a horse. Patrick and Sabine welcomed us and Majik. They allowed me the time to have the final moments with my mare to walk the grounds and say goodbye, they allowed those that loved Majik be there as she crossed the rainbow bridge with the assistance of a dear friend and Vet. This was one of the hardest days in my life and the Kindness and Respect I received from both Patrick and Sabine during that day is something I will forever be grateful for ♥ Majik now rests overlooking the Gatineau hills where I and those that loved her can visit in the years to come.

Love and thanks


Jennifer Gray

I would like to offer public acknowledgement to Resting Paws Cemetery for your wonderful and compassionate service this week. Like many horse owners without their own land, we were faced with some difficult decisions when it came time to say goodbye to our beloved Majik yesterday. You kept in touch with us throughout the decision process, and offered your support at every turn. We were able to bring Majik and our vet to your site, and we said goodbye in the most dignified and respectful way possible. Majik rests now in a beautiful location with a view over the Gatineau Hills. Thank you for your compassion, thank you for staying there for us, and thank you for accommodating an unusually large group of people. Because of you, this most difficult passage was made easier, and our final memories are of peace and love.

Rafeek & Kamla Khan


Dear Patrick & Sabine:

I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your kindness  and support you both gave us. We also greatly appreciated your accommodation for theSunday service.
We love the beautiful, peaceful and pastoral scene of the cemetery.
Tito would love the large open space to run around!

Thank you for the dignified and respectful manner the funeral was conducted. We will recommend your services to our friends neighbours.

Thank you and best regards.

May Diep

I just read about an upcoming fundraiser hosted by Resting Paws this morning that reminded me that I hadn’t posted my testimony yet. It is also coming up to the 1st year anniversary that I brought my beloved Rocky to Resting Paws.
I can’t say how much the owners of Resting Paws made the experience easier and I knew I was getting the closure and best quality of service possible. I had called around the Ottawa-Gatineau-Pembroke area about cremation services and didn’t like the “communal” or not fully private cremation service. I wanted to keep the ashes but not remnants of other pets. And Pembroke was just too far away. Rocky was definitely part of the family and my loyal buddy so I wanted the best service.
Sabine and Patrick are warm, loving people and are passionate about their work and I never felt like it was “all business”. I was very happy and felt very comfortable sharing my tears and knowing Rocky was going to be well taken care of (and eventually home again). This was my biggest thing I was nervous about and we got to see as little or as much as we wanted of the service. I’m the type that likes to ask a lot of questions and Patrick was great to share the information. They even have a great collection of keepsakes you can purchase.
I hope business is going well for Resting Paws!! So great this city has your service. And so great of you to think about our local rescue shelters as well :). All the best in your future.

Thank you again.

C & M Parthasarathy

Dear Patrick and Sabine,

It is now two weeks since we said our final goodbyes to our beloved Smartie. While the dreadful finality of it still takes us by surprise, one thing we keep feeling is that your kindness, respect, and warmth helped us feel a sense of closure, of rightness, of being able to say goodbye properly to our beloved companion and family member.

From the moment we first called you, raw and grieving, to our final goodbye at your peaceful facility, you treated us and Smartie with dignity, respect, and such kindness that it left us breathless. We felt that Smartie was in good hands, and was not alone, and that brought great comfort.

We have made sure that our friends at the Bells Corners Animal Hospital know what a remarkable service you provide. Like many others who have left their words upon this page, we are unable to imagine how we might have coped with this loss without having found you, and the healing that you helped us start.

Thank you, for being there and being you. The world needs more of you, more like you. We are forever grateful.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France.

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