Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Jeff & Josanne Switzer

Dear Patrick & Sabine,

Thank you so much for the tremendous kindness & compassion you showed us throughout the process of arranging & having Chewy cremated.

We had Chewy in our lives for 14 years & there is no question in our minds that he was a big part of our family. We were absolutely devastated by his loss and had no idea how to proceed with the after death process. We knew we didn’t want him shipped off to another city only to receive ashes (no guarantee they would be his) weeks later. You allowed us to spend as much time as we needed to be alone with Chewy before he was cremated. You allowed us to participate 100% in the process & for us it was what we wanted & needed in order to move on from the devastation we felt from his passing.

We love the story of the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ you shared with us & love to think of Chewy there waiting for us. I imagine it to look very similar to your ‘Resting Paws’ cemetery & even more so as you complete the different stages you have planned for the future!

We will be making sure that our Manotick Veterinary clinic is made aware of the outstanding services that you offer! We shudder at the thought of having not found you on the internet because we know we would never, ever have been able to come to terms with any other after death process that is currently being offered by veterinary clinics at this time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

D. Lahey

I AM SO GLAD I found your service and promoting it on facebook and friends,,it made me feel not so heavy seeing Lady posed so peaceful…thank-you and GOD BLESS…YOU GAVE ME SUCH  RELIEF


There are many things that could have took lady away
I must believe that it was Gods will that she not stay
For she was sick this much was true
And God said enough pain she has gone through
I shall bring her home to wait for you
As dogs are faithful through and through
She is in a better place now and shall run free
Without any pain as she is with ME… .

wrote by me Deborah Lahey for my girl
March 11,2014


Ray and Shirley White

Card received.

Thank You. Your Kindness is warmly appreciated.

” Patrick & Sabine,

Thank you for your support & kind words on the loss of our little best friend Patches. ”

Signed Ray & Shirley White

Ed & Debbie Bessette

After our 15 year old dog, Rosco, died, we didn’t want to take him to the vet to just be disposed of. He had been such a good companion to our family – we used to say “he was such a gentleman”. When we found out he could be cremated at Resting Paws, it gave us such comfort. Now, we have the opportunity to have his ashes sitting beside a couple of fond pictures of him. We intend to take his ashes with us if and when we move from our present home. We know, of course, that Rosco is now in Heaven.

We just want to say that our experience with the gentleman owner of Resting Paws was a wonderful man, very compassionate and understanding. This in itself was such a comfort to us. God Bless You.

Lee-Ann Lacroix

I wanted to thank every one that reached out to our family at such a sad time in our lives. I know their are bigger things going on in the world…but, like my friend Niels Luettge said “Dogs are people too” and to our family Ziggy was our little one…Andree thank you for taking the time to find me Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium—

“Where memories matter” www.restingpawsottawa.com. Thank you Patrick for taking such great care of all of us.

I really wanted to share this because I know there are a lot of pet owners that would really appreciate the information. I did not know where to go and I wanted something private…I highly recommend Resting Paws. Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

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