Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Lana P.

My beloved Diva who’s a pomchi passed away February 28th. On March 3rd she was cremated at Resting Paws. Patrick and Sabine are really wonderful. This service that they provide I think is really important. I was able to say my last physical goodbyes to my baby girl. And got her back in a beautiful urn with her name on it. I highly recommend Resting Paws 🐾.
Thank you again Patrick & Sabine

Michael & Bonnie Bercik

We were fortunate to have selected Resting Paws when we lost our beloved pet Belle whose beautiful spirit we were fortunate to enjoy for almost 18 years. Pet understates who Belle was. She was an integral member of our family whose loss severely wounded us. Patrick and Sabine, who have two dogs of their own, understand the deep connection that we make with our little friends and the acute grief that we feel when they pass away. Patrick greeted my tearful wife at the front door of his facility with heartfelt hug. He proceeded to patiently answer all of our questions regarding the cremation process all the while showing great empathy for our circumstances. He sat with us for over an hour during the cremation intently listening to our stories about the good friend to whom we were bidding our final farewell.
Our little girl Belle was treated with the utmost dignity and we with sincere compassion. We will forever be grateful to Patrick for helping us through a sad and difficult time.

Sherri Malone

Having our dog pass, was extremely difficult. I was not looking forward to dealing with the cremation process. But, I am so fortunate that I choose Resting Paws to take care of our “Thai”. We were in Iqaluit Nunavut and had to fly Thai down to Ottawa so, there was a lot to arrange. But, from the very first phone call, to putting him on the plane, to Patrick picking him up, to me receiving his ashes in our new home BC, it was a very smooth process. Patrick and Sabrina were incredible to deal with, both full of empathy, kindness and patience. In a time when your heart is broken but you must make arrangements, it’s all you can hope for is to deal with people like Patrick and Sabrina.
Iqaluit Nunavut

Jodi silver

VERY kind and compassionate service, and they looked after everything quickly!

Irene Lis

Our beloved princess, Clea, passed away suddenly on October 31 and I was devastated. Sabine’s and Patrick’s empathy and sympathy were most appreciated as was their professionalism. I was glad to have been able to spend a little more time with Clea before the cremation and to witness it. This was a very difficult time for me and Patrick and Sabine were able to make it just a little better. Their two dogs on site were also very sweet. I was too grief-stricken to write this testimonial earlier but did not want to end 2017 without doing so. I would highly recommend Resting Paws.

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