Stories from real customers of Resting Paws Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.

Ashley Cheslock

Wow, what an exceptional service which I highly recommend to all those who have unfortunately lost their beloved pet. Patrick & Sabine are so great to work with and kept me apprised of the entire process. The communication was great and the staff at Resting Paws are very professional. The compassion that Patrick & Sabine show towards the loss of your pet is incredible. I have dealt with several different cremation companies over the years (I also work at a Vet Clinic) and I must say they are by far one of the best! They understand client relations and do everything they can to make sure that my wishes were met when returning my animal’s ashes to me! You can tell it is a non-corporate business mindset where they are not there for the money but are there for the people and providing them with great aftercare service to their animals who have passed. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and the urns/pendants are beautiful! Highly recommend, thank you so much!

 Val-des-Monts, Quebec


Patrick and Sabine helped us a great deal when our beloved German Shepard Max had to be put to sleep very quickly, because of a tumour. I knocked on their door, and they showed compassion and kindness. Thank you to both of you.


Ottawa, ON


I am very happy with my pets and that I found the Resting Paws. I came across it by accident. But I was always told God works in mysterious ways and now I am happy and satisfied that 3 of my pets were cremated and I have their ashes now. I was very happy with what Patrick and Sabrina did. My cat Katrina died in my apartment and I called Sabrina to come and pick her up and she treated Katrina like she was still alive and I wasn’t shocked at that time to see that. And I had two other pets cremated. If it wasn’t for Patrick or Sabina you would have to pay tons of money at the vet clinic to get your animals ashes back. If anybody needs a cremation for their pets I recommend to go see Patrick and Sabina they are the best people to have for your pets. I love you guys very much caring for my animals. The day when I went and got my cat Katrina‘s ashes I was still upset but they have two dogs that will greet you and help you get over your loss of your pet special The black dog he or she was faithful and when I started crying the dog is there to make you pet him or her so if anybody tells you that dogs don’t know anything that’s not true these two dogs know what you’re feeling and will help you deal with your pain.

Love from


My pets name are

Jo-Hannah, Shola,

Hannah, snowball.

Ottawa, ON

Christine Degrève

Je tiens à remercier Patrick et Sabine pour le service de crémation de mon petit chien Toby. Vous avez été plus qu’à la hauteur de mes attentes par votre professionnalisme, votre empathie et votre amour des animaux. Vous avez offert respect et dignité à mon Toby chéri et cela était primordial pour moi. L’urne est très belle et Toby est de retour à la maison. Merci du fond du coeur.


Laura & Dave

Can’t say enough good things about Resting Paws, which makes this difficult to write.

When we lost our first pet Charlie a couple of years ago, we we’re devastated and quite frankly lost as to what to do.

Not knowing if there even was such a thing, we started looking around for a crematorium for pet’s and ran across Resting Paws.

So we placed the call. Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Caring, amazing really!

Sabine & Patrick welcomed us and guided us though every step, they seemed to make our loss a little more manageable. We have since lost another member of our family, but this time were a little more prepared. Charlie and Benjie are now back home with us in their beautiful complementary urns. Losing a pet is an extremely hard hard thing to go though, they can and will help you though it. Thank you for being there in our time of need.

White Lake, ON

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