November 2016

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Hello everyone ! Welcome to Paws News.
What happens when we get “the call”?

We thought it might be important to walk you through the steps we take when we get a call that a pet has passed away.
1. If your pet passes away at home you do not need to take it to a Veterinary Clinic. You can call us directly and we help you make the arrangements that make the most sense to you and your family.

2. When you call us we will ask the following questions:
a. What kind of a pet is it (cat, dog, rabbit, bird, rat…)?
b. What is your pets’ name?
c. What is your name and contact information?
d. Have you given any thought as to what kind of service you would like?

The options are:
Communal cremation: your pet is cremated with other pets. The ashes are spread on our cemetery grounds; we post the time and date of the ash scattering on our website and facebook page and all pet owners are welcome to attend. You can purchase a memorial plaque, a pawprint or a nameplate for our memory tower. The tower is located in the scatter area. You are welcome to come by any time to visit and reflect on your pet. We also keep track where ashes are scattered and can tell you in which part of the cemetery your pets’ ashes have been scattered.

Semi-private cremation: we have purchased cremation pans to ensure that you will only receive your pets’ ashes back. Up to 4 pets are placed in the crematory at the same time (in individual pans). The ashes are processed and returned to you in our Standard Return Urn. You can upgrade the urn or choose to have the ashes returned in a pouch. If you wish to scatter the ashes in our cemetery we have a special scattering area for pets privately cremated. You also have the option of burying the urn.

Private cremation: your pet and your pet only is placed in the crematory and the ashes are returned to you. You have a bigger urn selection to choose from (see our website) or choose to have the ashes returned in a pouch. If you wish to scatter the ashes in our cemetery we have a special scattering area for pets privately cremated. You also have the option of burying the urn.

Burial: you have the choice to bury your pet in our cemetery. Check out our website for the special pricing for 2014. Burials are possible from early May until the ground freezes. If your pet passes away in winter and you would like to bury it in spring we will store the pet for you.

Winter Holding: are you planning on burying your pet at the cottage or at home come spring? We can hold your pet until spring.

e. Will you drop your pet off at one of our locations or do you wish to have it
picked up? Where do we pick up? (your home/ Vet Clinic)
f. Would you like to witness the cremation (semi-private and private only- no charge)

3. Payment Options: we accept credit and debit card payments, cash and cheques.

4. We always invite clients to come to either our home office or the office in Woodlawn to look at the merchandise available if they are not sure what they would like.

5. We wait for you to bring your pet to us or pick it up at your location or Veterinary Clinic. The pet is generally placed in a blanket and stored in cold storage until either the cremation service or burial is performed.

6. We input all the information in our computer program and put a color coded tag on the blanket. (The computer program follows the pet from the time it is picked up, the final service is provided & the urn is returned to you, the ashes have been scattered or your pet has been buried.) If you wish to witness the cremation we call you the day before to let you know what time to be at the crematory.

7. If you choose the burial option we choose a day and time together.

There is never any rush to make the final decisions. If you feel that you need more time let us know and we can hold your pet until all the arrangements have been made. The Veterinary Clinics generally offer to hold pets also.
We also offer pre-arrangements. The last few months of a pets life can be costly with Veterinary bills, medications etc. By pre-arranging the service of your choice the stress of deciding what is right for you, your family and your pet is taken away. When your pet passes away all you have to do is call us and we will provide the service you have chosen. You can make changes to the pre-arrangements until that time.

We hope that this information is helpful. We believe knowledge is power. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

This month we take part in the Pet Expo at the EY Centre on Nov. 12 and 13. Come and see us in Booth 318.


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